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“El Primo” is a modern take on a highly efficient “chip warmer” used by various restaurants nationwide. Star Precision was responsible for supplying the metal, which was ultimately assembled, tested and sold by Texican Specialty.


Star Precision fabricates components from 22 Gauge #3 Stainless Steel 304 with PVC Protectant. The parts are setup to cut on our Fiber Optics Laser which is able to reach cutting speeds in excess of 4,000 inches per minute; As a result, parts are cut in minutes and our automated loading/unloading tables allow parts to be cut unattended, around to clock. After the laser cutting operation, some components are taken to the “brake” where they are bent according to customer specifications. As parts are completed, components are labeled and inventory is managed for the coming months for order releases as they are needed from Texican Specialty.

Industry: Food
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