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R920 Solar Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) is a premiere product in a line of traffic control products developed by Carmanah Technologies. Star Precision provides a turnkey operation with RRFB units, beginning with cutting and bending the sheet metal to the proper specifications and ending with the electro-mechanical assembly of all components and parts. Equipped with the state of the art technology, Star Precision has developed a streamlined process allowing for high quality and rapid production of RRFB and several other products developed by Carmanah Technologies.


Star Precision cuts the sheet metal used for the RRFBs in house, providing the customer with faster turnaround and reduced costs when compared to competitors. The electro-mechanical assembly involves programming, assembling, testing, checking and packaging each unit. As units are completed, they are packaged and labeled prior to distribution to both domestic and international customers. Managed by a team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in electro-mechanics, Star Precision, in conjunction with Carmanah Technologies, has been able to provide high performing products to the End Customer with exceptional quality and speed.

Industry: Infrastructure  
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